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Islam4UK and the BNP

I wasn’t going to comment on the events regarding Islam4UK and the village of Wootton Bassett, but for want of anything else to write about I’ll set down a few thoughts.

To plant my flag at the outset, and no doubt to the disdain of the ‘libertarians’ amongst us, I ought to state that I think the march should be banned. Not because of the views expressed by Islam4UK, but because of the manner in which they seek to express them.

Now of course, in reply to my position, you’re likely to hear parroted around that most disingenuous of phrases, ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”, as if this provides the legitimising framework for the intended actions of Mr Choudary and his idiotic chums. It doesn’t – and besides, the phrase is just silly, and I’d be very surprised if even one person who uttered it ever actually meant it.

Because if they did, then the streets would be lined with bodies. Truth is, there are indeed taboos in contemporary society for which the kind of extreme tolerance summed up in that pithy phrase is simply suspended. Indeed, this might even be necessary for the functioning of an harmonious society. The more difficult question is whether the non-negotiables at the heart of the liberal-left worldview reflect the social and moral frameworks of the country at large. I suspect not, hence the wellspring of resentment, and the legitimate concern that the BNP will be the ultimate victors in this saga, popularly proclaimed as being the only ones willing to ‘stick up for the British’.

Which is a tragic and twisted scenario, though no less real for that. And the resentment upon which they thrive is tangible. After all, one cannot help but wonder why, when faced with a bunch of radicalised young Muslim men seeking to deface the dignity and honour of the sacrifice of young British soldiers, who utter treasonous words and incite against the very country that offers them shelter and protection, people who are every bit as offensive as a drunken young chap who once urinated on a war memorial – why do we refuse to act? Why do we hide behind that little phrase that nobody actually wholly believes in? The same people that would clamp-down on free-speech when it involves an orthodox Christian publicly declaring views on homosexual practice can yet sit on their hands as an extreme minority group seeks to march through the spiritual heartland of soldierly sacrifice and piss all over the memories of the fallen.

For which reason, the government should publicly declare that it simply won’t happen. That, however many weasel words are expended in distorting this into an issue of freedom (as if Mr Choudary and co. really care about that), the protest simply will not go ahead. And with that watch the BNP wither, as the rotting carcass upon which they thrive slowly comes back to life.

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