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Porta Fidei was an academic conference held in Carlisle in the summer of 2015. It focused on Catholic education and featured a diverse list of distinguished speakers, including Paul Barber (CES), Robert Davis, James Arthur, Philip Booth, Ros Stuart-Buttle, Charlotte Vardy, Adrian Pabst, Nancy Walbank, Anthony Sutch, Andy Lewis, Stephen Tierney, Rob Flello MP and John Stevenson MP.PF



Some (alas not all!) of the papers delivered can viewed via the YouTube links below.


Adrian Pabst – Liberalism and Catholic Education



James Arthur – The Catholicity of Catholic Institutions



Stephen Tierney and Dom Antony Sutch – Faith and Leadership



Robert Davis and Nancy Walbank – What Makes a Catholic School Catholic?



Charlotte Vardy, Andy Lewis and Fr John Millar – Challenges at the Chalkface



Paul Barber, John Stevenson MP and Rob Flello MP – Panel Discussion


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